Click on one of the locations above. The content of each location is described below.

    In the main room of the Library you will find Books and Essays by Charles E. Smith.
    There is a second room, called the Study, leading out to the right.
    There, you will find Scripture Pictures and also some of Charles Smith's Bible Teachings.

    In the Sanctuary you will find Mary's Journal with both personal entries and a few
    favorites she's collected. She will be continuing to add pages.

    There is also a collection of letters written by our friend from China
    and letters from Mary to her.

    Our dear Chinese sister has greatly enriched our lives and is responsible for translating
    our book,THE ANCIENT PATH into Chinese.

    You will find this book in both English and Chinese in the Library.

    This path will lead you down on the beach to the Ship that will take you to the Story Teller's Cave.
    There is both fiction and non-fiction for you to choose from. There will also be a Beach Walk
    available soon, with new places to see.

  • BEACH HOUSE This is the place to go if you like poetry. There are some beautiful pages and PDF
    selections available. Sit on the porch overlooking the ocean and relax as you read.

  • MOUNTAIN HAVEN In the Haven are special surprises inside the drawers and in the books.
    We have more surprises coming soon.

    The Librarian's Shelf is a Master Index that includes links to all our writings
    and their location if you prefer to navigate more quickly and easily and are not interested
    in a long scenic view.

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