AION contains twenty sessions recorded in 1992 from the class, "Approaching the Year 2000". There is also a PDF outline.

AION traces the history of th western world from the time of the Roman Empire to the end of the twentieth century. It explores the challenges we face from many dimensions and concludes with a Biblical perspective of this present hour.

This series is for the serious student of history who desires an in depth understanding of the roots of our culture and the possibilities approaching as this present Aion (age) concludes.

Recorded in a classroom setting there is not only teaching but interaction between members of the class and the instructor. May we become like the men of Issachar who had an understanding of the times.

Charles Ellsworth Smith
(c) Prince of Peace Fellowship

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The audio sessions are listed below.

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01 Israel and Islam
02 The Roman Empire
03 Renaissance and Reformation
04 Britain EuroPowers and America
05 The End Will Come
06 Economic and Social Change
07 Tech Boom
08 Debt Time Bomb and Role Change
09 Men and Women changing roles
10 War on the Family (part 1)
11 War on the Family (part 2)
12 Dream of World Government
13 The New Agenda
14 The New World Order
15 Ethics and Conscience
16 Fight for Jerusalem and Fundamentalism
17 Catholocism and New Age Religion
18 Rise of New Age Religion
19 The Ecumenical Movement
20 Revival Frontier and The Two Kingdoms


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